Marketing: Best Practice Tips

Today I would like to go over a few basic marketing tips that every business should be using, even on a tight budget.

Seven great promoting options to consider!

  1. A Website: Does your business have an online presence? These days when a consumer wants information about a company's products or services they’re most likely to do research online. Therefore, one can never underestimate the power of establishing a well planned and executed online presence that begins with a well-planned and creatively designed website.

  2. Social Media: As you continue to establish your online presence, social media is an excellent tool to drive potential customers back to your website. Social media serves as a great platform to engage with your current customers as well.

  3. Business Directory Listings: Every business has them, even if you haven’t set them up yourself. There's potentially hundreds of directory websites out there containing your business information, however, it may not all be correct. Claim your business online directories and be sure the correct information about your business is being seen by those searching for you online.

  4. Email Campaign: Why not interact with current customers (and loyal followers) with an e-newsletter? Put out some positive information about your industry, your company, or use it as a way to promote upcoming events or sales.

  5. Videos: Instead of showing your new services or products with text and graphics, why not transform the information into 30 seconds of video which will bring this static information to life?

  6. Logo: Have you updated your logo lately? A crisp sharp design that sells success for you is an absolute must. When your logo keeps popping up all over the place, people will begin to take notice, so place it on your name badges, your brochures, a sign and/or banner, then get it out their in the marketplace so people see it for maximum "top-of-the-mind awareness."

  7. Slogan/Tagline: Does your company have a slogan or tagline? Well, if you don’t, you probably should come up with one that tells people in a quick simple phrase what your business is about.

  8. Stay tuned as we look further into Logos and Business Branding and the vital roles they play in marketing your business in our next blog post.

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