Are you Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile devices have changed everything concerning how we seek out information. A majority of people are now turning to their smartphones to quickly find their answers, which makes having a mobile-friendly website more crucial than ever for your online presence. In fact, in the USA alone 94 percent of people with smartphones search for local information on their phones, with 77 percent of mobile searches occurring at home or at work where a desktop computer is normally present.

Google recently announced how they will be reinforcing their emphasis on the mobile search experience and how the mobile-friendly websites will be used for future indexing of websites. Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that Google will be looking at:

Speed. How fast does your website load? What determines the speed include optimized images and reduce number of redirects.

Mobile Design. Is your mobile website designed for the “finger”? Having the links too close together will negatively effect the user-experience of your mobile website. Is text easy to read? Be sure users aren't required to scroll horizontally or zoom in to read what’s on the page.

No popups. Starting on January 10, 2017 Google may lower a website’s ranking when page content is not easily accessible to its users. If your website covers the main content with a popup you could potentially be penalized. (There is an exception in regard to age verification popups and banners that use reasonable amount of screen space.)

So that brings us to the question, how does your website look when being viewed on mobile devices? Of course, the most obvious way to know if your website is mobile friendly is to actually view your site on a mobile phone. In addition, I would recommend using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, a great resource that can be found here at

This tool will show how your website appears on mobile devices and if your website is not mobile-friendly it will give you suggestions in correcting the mobile usability and experience for your website.

If you have discovered that your website is not mobile-friendly, or could use a bit of a face-lift, look no further than Creative Marketing Solutions. We would love to go to work for you! Go to to schedule an appointment with us today!