About Us  

A creative idea became our solution!

Our business was started as a solution to new circumstances and life change for Micah, when he gained full custody of his three young children. Micah's desire was to be able to work from home to give him the freedom and flexibility to attend to his children's needs, so he teamed up with his mom, Vicki, to form Creative Marketing Solutions.

Vicki brought to the table 25 years of experience as the creative force behind her husband’s business development firm, Professional Development Systems. Her desktop publishing career got its start in the early days of Professional Development Systems, when she began creating the classroom materials for Bob to use in his training sessions.

From there, Vicki branched out into designing marketing materials—business cards, flyers, brochures, and printed newsletters—not only for their own business, but for other companies and organizations as well. Over the years, Vicki’s creative endeavors have gone on to include logo and website design, booklets, e-newsletters, and so much more.

Micah grew up contributing in one way or another in the family business and learned at a young age about the importance of teamwork, excellence, and great customer service.


Through the years, Micah has enjoyed and developed his creative writing, designing, and researching skills that have provided the foundations of what he shares with clients today.

On January, 2020, Vicki stepped away from the business to focus on her new business adventure with "This Life Legacy." Micah will continue with Creative Marketing Solutions into its future.

Creative Marketing Solutions has become the solution for many types of businesses across the United States, whether it was a website, new marketing materials, or business logo or custom graphic. Are you ready for us to become your Creative Marketing Solution?

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In early 2016, Micah Prentice completed a website design course offered by Wix.com and become "Wix Certified Webmaster's." 

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